Ventrilio Voice Chat



For those Who Hate To Type

Do you hate to type to talk to others in the game?

I know I do.

We have set up a Ventrilo Server to get around this problem.

We used to use Teamspeak, but found that some people had problems with the set up.

This does require a microphone unless you just want to listen but what fun is that?

In order to use VENTRILO you need two things:
1.  The VENTRILO client software.
They also have complete documentation which tells you how to set it up.
2.  A server.
Most people do not have their own server.
See above link for a list of hosts.
Depending how many users you have, the prices vary for the monthly fee.
I would suggest as a hosting service.
Their fees are reasonable and the quality is better than most.
I would suggest you start with the minimum then upgrade as needed.
Note This works with 99% of on-line games, WoW, EverQuest 1 or 2, etc.
Good luck!


Guild Leader